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The Galenus Foundation

The Galenus Foundation was established in 2004 and its headquarters are based in Vienna, Austria.
At this time the principal members of the foundation are :

  • Dr Cornelia Désirée Sonntag (Chairwoman),
  • Dr Rober Kührer,
  • Notary Dr Alexander Michalek,
  • Prof.em.Dr. Christel Müller-Goymann (Scientific adviser).

The Galenus Foundation prides itself upon supporting  activities in Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy. One of the ways in which
we achieve this, is through financial support. We offer our recipients (Assistant professors, Post-graduates, etc.) the Galenus Support
(500 EURO) for additional benefits including :

  • Travel expenses,
  • Access to adademic literature,
  • Opportunities to formally present Research activities.

The Galenus Foundation believes that innovation is paramount to scientific development. Bi-annually, we acknowledge and reward
those who display exceptional innovative thought with the Galenus Technology Price (5000 EURO).
Previous recipients of the Galenus Technology Price include:

  • Dr Martin Bultmann (2005),
  • Dr Stephan Reichl (2007),
  • Dr Carsten Rudolph (2007),
  • Dr Jörg Tessmar (2009),
  • Dr Regina Scherliess (2011),
  • Dr Eva Roblegg (2013),
  • Ass Prof Dr Olivia Merkel (2015),
  • Dr Gregor Fuhrmann (2017),
  • Jun Prof Dr Peter Wich (2017),
  • Dr Ulrich Lächelt (2019).